Rahsia Disebalik Lagu 'We Are Young'.


Hari ini nak buat posting pasal lagu feveret aku dari band "Fun". Korang kenal tak? Lagu depa selalu dok dengaq kat radio era. Kalau tak kenai mai nak kenaikan...Hangpa pi [ Ournameisfun.com]

Apakah Mesej Yang Hendak Di Sampaikan Dalam Lagu We Are Young?

"Tonight... We are young. So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the Sun."

#Pendapat dari seseorang

It's not really about being young and not caring. The beginning of the song actually talks about how he gave the girl a scar, and how it's been months since it happened, but people are still asking. Basically in the chorus, he's saying that he knows he was wrong, but they can fix it because they're young, and can still be free to have fun. In the official video, the girl is cutting an apple. An apple is a sign of innocence. He took her innocence, and the song is about him being sorry and wanting to have fun with her again. Finally, at the end he says, "So if by the time the bar closes, and you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home tonight.". He's saying that even though he hurt her, he's still going to be there in the end.

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Anisa Anuar said...

wahhhh is it?? it do make sense anyway

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